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This is generally the first question we get asked by clients and rightly so. We all want the best rate on our car loan as it’s either the largest debt we have or second largest next to our home loan. In answering this question, we’ll need to ask you a variety of qualifying questions as our lending panel is quite diverse and each individual bank/financier has different lending criteria.

Certain things like the age of the car, the amount you are borrowing, if you are a home owner or renting and is the car for business or private use will all determine the rate. It’s complex, but our role as a broker is to narrow down the lender that best suits your profile and will offer you the best rate for your purchase. Some of our lenders include WPAC, ANZ, CBA, Macquarie, Pepper Asset Finance, Capital Finance and Metro Finance just to name a few.

Are you cheaper than going to the banks directly?

In most instances, yes we are as we specialise in vehicle & equipment lending and have access to a large panel of lenders who compete with each other for your business. Banks often charge higher car loan interest rates because they don’t specialise in car finance. Additionally, some banks won’t fund private sales unless you take out an unsecured loan which means a higher interest rate for you. We also provide very fast turnaround times and work with you to finalise the application to make the process and paperwork easy.

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